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final scene from The Wind and the Lion (120 kb)
floating world flash film 575 kb
John Wayne Soundboard - flash 540kb
Smileys captured on the Net - flash 167kb
Harry Chapin Album 'On the Road to Kingdom Come' with 9 sound buttons (900 kb)
6 Flash music buttons at sea (525 kb)
I am the dog paddler - reflections Java and Flash (520 kb)
the creature that lives in the computor (10 kb)
Penny and a Gorilla face off (145kb)
Penny and Harry Potter (340 kb)
dog in a glass (65 kb)
more reasons to hate cats (91 kb)
Yatiri playing panpipes at Kiama - with 2 sound buttons (267 kb)
New Mouse - WMA Video (712 kb)
Bugs in the rain (160 kb)
This is the story - flash 700kb
macro closeups framed - flash 720kb
freshly washed rabbit - flash 420kb
Always lift your feet - flash 713kb